wood industry

Infeed / outfeed
production lines

Infeed or outfeed molder, sander, rip saws, gang rip saw, cross cut saw, etc... 
Stack and destack timber planks, wood boards, panels, glue beams...


Sticking / desticking
before or after a dry kiln 

Our vacuum grippers are perfect for sticking or desticking before or after a woodworking machine 
In order to feed your machines, integrate reliable Joulin (de)sticking machine

Band Saw

Automating sorting function will help you to increase productivity and save money 
Joulin vacuum handling machines are usefull for sorting timber planks, beams...


Loading / unloading log home and joinery machines

Optimizes your Log Home for increased productivity 
Pick and place products in multiple positions and handles full layers as well as individual parts

CLT Panels

Handling of transverse and longitudinal layers for panel composition.
Increase productivity and pro talibity of your manufacturing process.